Talenture Accounting SA offers the following services to its clients utilizing the most modern methodologies:

Administrative Accounting and Management Consulting
The sector is principally structured to provide support to the client's operations, providing updated and ready consulting in accounting matters, maintenance of company ledgers and accounts, drawing up of annual balance sheets and infra annual balance sheets for better company management, as well as assistance in the use of computer programs designed for computer aided company management and accounting activities.

VAT Accounting and VAT Declarations
Through its global consulting department, Talenture Accounting SA is able to provide maintenance of VAT accounts and filing related declarations, whether related to Swiss or foreign companies with European commercial activities. Talenture Accounting SA also provides qualified consulting on Community VAT matters.

Certification of Balance Sheets
Annually, each Swiss company must have its balance sheet approved by an auditing company with independent status, specifically authorized for this purpose.