Corporate Services


Companies and individuals operating in a number of jurisdictions might need to receive assistance in the organisation and day-to-day management of their business. Our professionals can save our clients time and focus on managing their business, by providing them assistance and advice with the formation and management of companies, especially if they wish to operate in the worldwide marketplace.


Our advisors are able to find solutions that exactly meet a client's individual needs, capitalising on jurisdictional advantages and frameworks. In fact, we ensure fast, efficient formation and incorporation of all types of company and are able to provide management and administration facilities including accountancy, tax compliance and full secretarial services.


Our services include:


  • Company formation;

  • Corporate administration;

  • Registration of branches and registered offices;

  • Modification of memorandum of articles and articles of association;

  • Transfer of registered office;

  • Listing on an exchange;

  • Payroll and outsourcing services;

  • Customised office package;

  • Bookkeeping;

  • Establishment of a branch abroad;

  • Preparation and holding of general meetings;

  • Preparation of balance sheets;

  • Mandatory filings of documents;

  • Dissolution and liquidation.

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