Corporate Taxation


Operating across borders and competing in multiple jurisdictions necessarily imply compliance with local tax laws, reporting requirements and statutory filings.



In a world characterised of intensified global competition, the key to business success is keeping your tax strategy agile and aligned with your corporate strategy, while considering the effective tax rate and the respect of the applicable regulations.


We are qualified to assist you in the following areas:


  • Identification of the best investment solution;

  • Optimisation of tax burden;

  • Problems relating to double residence and permanent establishments;

  • Taxation of business income;

  • National and international flows of passive income (dividends, interest and royalties);

  • Capital gains;

  • License fee contracts, management contracts, cost allocation agreement, service agreements;

  • International tax planning;

  • Compliance with applicable national legislation;

  • Resolution of tax controversies;

  • Operate as VAT fiscal representative in Switzerland.



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