Transfer pricing


Talenture provides assistance and advise in issues relating to transfer pricing, both for determining the applicable methods for the intra-group transaction and for the collection of documentations required by national tax authorities, as well as in case of Advanced Pricing Agreements.


Our professional, which are specialist in international taxation, can advise on a strategy that can help achieve your goals within the tax compliance landscape.


Irrespective of the nature, the size of the business, or the industry of our clients (which include a number of multinational enterprises, also listed on the stock exchange), we can provide the following services: 



  • Check-up of the transfer pricing implemented;

  • Refinement of the model of transfer pricing used and identification of any areas for improvement for future years;

  • Filing of the documentation (Masterfile and Country file);

  • Analysis of intercompany transactions between companies involved and identification of possible areas of risk;

  • Verification of documentation (detection of any differences) compared to the standard required by current applicable legislation;

  • Support to the filing and the integration of the documentation required by current applicable legislation;

  • Assistance in cases of tax disputes;

  • Periodic review of the documentation.



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Michele Meretti

+41 (0)91 91 2 50 50